VIVO IPL 2018: Ten Best Moments of IPL 2017


Ten Best Moments Of IPL 2017: Today we inform you of the best moments of IPL in 2017, which will surprise you at a certain point. In Term Cricket, all things should be in an ideal way, either the batsman shot or the ball caught by the player, in the Indian Premier League, every player, keeping in mind his work and fulfilling his best moments It is memorable for people who are in the future. There are some great moments in the IPL.

List of Ten Best Moments Of IPL 2017

10. Basil Thampi Yorks Chris Gale


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Thampi always bowled with pace & recently he impress various times by taking numerous wickets. In a very tough situation in IPL, on the instruction of captain, he goes for a bowling against destructive batsman Chris gale who is again ready in full form for hitting the ball. But instead of bat its hit on wicket hence its “OUT”. This moment is very amazing for a Whole Team.

9. Rahul Tripathi makes a name for himself


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Rahul Tripathi who made him remember the history of IPL was unheralded that time shock everyone with his outstanding performance. The Youngster makes the high score with his full effort against Yadav he was just like turn the game & start it flying start. In the second over Bowling was held by Yadav & another side on opening Tripathi was there at the movement he continuously hit three sixes in three Balls which was a memorable moment in IPL 2017.

8. Dravid all smiles after Delhi chased down 209

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Rahul Dravid usually as a studio character but even he smiles as two young gun Samson & Rishabh Pant one by one shot various sixes & against a target of 209 runs made by Gujarat Lions. Both batsmen got a standing ovation from Rahul Dravid as both make good target & make the game to the winning point. At the end winner of the game was Delhi Daredevils & Rahul Dravid is very happy with this memorable moment.

7.Dhoni foxes Pollard yet again


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Mumbai had to struggle to reach the final because they were 56/4 when Pollard had guards. They showed the same effect with the ball because they gave Adam Jampa a chance to score six runs in six overs. Soon after Dhoni became a clever reader of the game, for a long time the wicketkeeper asked to keep a stirrer, almost behind the hand of the goalkeeper and well within the line of Pollard’s eyes. This makes a memorable moment.

6. Imran Tahir vindicates


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Tahir took 5 wickets in the T20 game for South Africa just three days before the IPL auction and people were hoping he would take big money this year. During the auctions, he did not sell surprisingly, which hurt the South African bowler. He was delayed in favor of RPS and was included in 11 to play his first match against Mumbai Indians. Leg-spinner quickly made a big impact because he shared Parthiv Patel’s wicket with the second ball bowled in the tournament. In the next over, he was walking in celebration of Jos Buttler and Rohit Sharma’s wickets, both of whom were shot out in the same over. With the help of their 3/28, RPS had stopped Mumbai for 184 runs at eight wickets as they were good at breaking once for a 200-run mark. With a stellar performance, Tahir confirmed his selection by RPS.

5.Hashim Amla lights up the IPL with his finesse – List of Ten Best Moments Of IPL  2017

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Amla had emerged for this year’s Kings XI Punjab and was in red-hot form. South Africa ended the IPL with 420 runs in 10 innings and played an innings with a strike rate of 145.83. This number is contrary to the popular concept of not being suitable for the least format. Amla showed that if you have good basics then you can perform well in the slam-bang version of the game. He made 2 hundred’s and two half-centuries this year. When Punjab scored a half-century on both occasions, they lost even when Amla had recorded triple figures. It was unfortunate to see that both of his centuries were in vain because he failed to cross the line from them.

4. Jasprit Bumrah’s super over


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There was only one tied game between the Gujarat Lions and the Mumbai Indians, which was to be decided this year by Super Over. Jasprit Bumrah gave a snow to Mumbai to win by 5 runs. Defending just 12 runs, Bumhra overtook the Lions for a free hit gift on the first ball of the over. Bumrah’s work was over because he was against Brendon McCullum and Aaron Finch, the cricket ball had two awesome strikers. After a fatal error, Bumrah reached the Yorkers for just six runs, out of which 4 came from the bat. Even McCullum’s experience was not very good against Bumara, who contributed only 1 run to Kiwi captain 3 balls. Bamrah was excellent in all sessions with his Yorkers and was not given to his team during more critical times.

3. Mumbai Indians win title courtesy an ‘aunty’


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The last game of the IPL was heart-preventing because the varieties of both sides swung like a pendulum. In the 18th or 19th over the game should have ended, they went to the wire because RPS had tampered during the latter part of the chase. Smith gave his team a good chance to win the Bumrah victory in the last over in the last over. Their strike meant that the RPS needed 11 in the last over, which is very capable in the T20 format. Tiwary hit a boundary in the first ball of the over and took the equation to just 7 runs in 5 balls. Johnson made a good comeback because he sent Tiwary back in the next ball with the need of 7 and Smith striking, in an effort to catch the nervousness of the crowd in the face of heavy heavy ramps, the cameras shifted towards a certain part of the VIP box where the Mumbai Indians were sitting supporters. Among them, an old woman later referred to as “aunt” by many fans on Twitter, saw her hands dismayed and praying for Mumbai’s victory while closing her eyes. The live action returned and Smith shook straight up a raid to swing the game in favor of Mumbai. Twitwetted soon to accept the contribution of ‘Ani’ in winning Mumbai’s third title.

2. Cricketers playing it in the right spirit


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It is often said that every player should work hard but play within the spirit of the game. Cricket was watching this year because it was actually played in the right spirit. Suresh Raina was delighted to console young Rishabh Pant when he scored 97 runs. Punt batted very well at night but could not reach the three figures, which actually hurt the 19-year-old Pant. Hashim Amla is known as a great ambassador for the game and has performed this year. Batting against RCB, Amla touched the ball with a wing which was taken by the keeper. No one appealed but Amla decided to walk. It was refreshing to look at today and age because people have stopped practicing walking. But Amla showed that he is a fair game ambassador of the game. Mahendra Singh Dhoni did something similar, but this time the players appealed.

1. Dhoni turns the clock back


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Dhoni was due to this fact under heavy pressure this year that he was dropped from the captain at the beginning of the season. When this happens, a cricketer always remains under pressure to be good as a replaying member. Dhoni had a mixed season because he was against a good unbeaten 61 * SRH at home. Apart from that innings, where he guided the team while chasing leopards, there was no special contribution from the former Indian captain. He decided to make a significant contribution to the 1 qualifier when he decided to remain unbeaten on the unbeaten 40 runs of Mumbai Indians bowlers all around the park. The horrors of your knocks go a long way. RPS was struggling when battling for batting, but Dhoni ensured that the team’s total of 160 crossed, which was ultimately much more for MI. Dhoni faced only 26 balls and hit five sixes, four of which came in the last 8 balls, which he faced. This was the performance of old Dhoni as he scored 41 runs in the last two overs so that the speed behind RPS could be speeded.

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